About Us

MIGS is an Incorporated Society with Charitable Status (not for profit). It is owned by it's members and we have a committee that assist with the running of the club.

We cater to a wide range of ages and abilities -  Mums & Bubs 12-18mths, Scallywags 18mths-5yrs, General Gymnastics classes 5yrs+, Trampoline classes 5yrs+, Tumbling classes 5yrs+, Static Trapeze 7yrs+, Parkour 8yrs+ & Special Needs classes. 

Our Mission Statement is "To provide a professional inclusive environment developing life skills through participation in Gym Sports and other fun movement programmes".

We have a dedicated team of full time coaches covering all codes within the club, as well as a team of young enthusiastic group of teen coaches who are working through either the XTND leadership/ coaching programme or the Gymnastics New Zealand coach education system.

We like to get out into the community as much as possible to support children of all ages and abilities.

Our club is run by our Centre Manager; Lynette Farkash

Senior Staff:

Lynette Farkash
Head Competitive Trampoline, Tumbling & WAG
Hareesh (Haady) Nallella
Head MAG Coach
Jo Squires
Head General Gymnastics & Step 1 WAG Coach
Maxine Katting
Head General Trampoline & Tumbling Coach
Tracy Scott
Head Scallywags Coach
Alesha Morris
Accounts Manager