Class Timetable

See below for more class details:


These classes are for preschool children ranging from 12mths to 5yrs.

They are parent based, so it is a great way for parents/caregivers to interact along side the children in the circuit and learn together.

There are specific Mums & Bubs classes for 12-18mth, where babies/toddlers are able to utilise our soft equipment on our main floor area, so they can explore in a safe, soft environment.

We have ''Themed" sessions each Thursday for 18mths+, these help the children to use their Imagination and Fundamental Movement Patterns.

FMP's are basis of all movement; crawl, walk, run,climb, jump, swing, balance and fine motor skills of hand and eye coordination.

The saturday class is free play time for those that can't make the weekday sessions, the Scallywags coach is on hand to guide and assist with any skills needed.

Beginner Gymnastics:

Beginner classes are for children who are keen to give gymnastics a try and may have not had any experience. These classes are broken down into two age groups.

Gym Fun for our younger school age children from 5yrs up to 7yrs

There are Monday, Wednesday or Thursday classes.

Children work through a set of progressional skills of all the areas of gymnastics, using apparatus of Beam, Spring, Floor, Trampoline, Tumbling, Parkour and strength.

There are 3 Levels, with all children starting at Level1.

They are tested on the skills in the last 3/4 weeks of term, pass certificates are handed out on their last day of class.

 Mixed for 7yrs+  Boys and Girls.

These classes are offered on Monday or Thursday. They have a wider age group to allow for siblings.

The classes also work on the same progressional skill sheets as the Gym Fun classes.

Giving the children a chance to try out all the different areas of the gym and once they have completed levels 1-3, can then choose whether to do the specific class of Gymnastics, Trampoline, Parkour or Tumbling.


These classes are Artistic Gymnastics, using the 4 apparatus of Beam, Bar, Vault and Floor.

The 3 classes available:  Junior, Junior Advance and Senior are skill based.


Our Trampolines are not like any trampoline children will have used before, they are designed to meet international standards and are super bouncy!

Our classes teach children how to be safe on the trampolines, while learning. Teaching starts with basic skills and progressing through more senior skill levels with ribbon achievement system - Red, Blue, Green ,Yellow, Purple & Black. As a part of the trampoline classes, children also use the Double Mini Trampolines. DMT's are smaller and designed to be bounced along while doing skills.

Our Trampoline classes are suitable for all abilities. 


Tumbling is gymnastic floor skills connected together to make a sequence . These classes are broken into three classes to cater to a range of levels.

As a general rule, new enrolees start in the first class and will be assessed by the coach.


These classes are a fun way to build core strength and fitness using Static Trapeze, Lyra and Hoops.

Due to the nature of the equipment numbers in these classes are very limited and restricted to ages 7yrs -Adult


Another fun way to exercise for children constantly on the move. Running, jumping, climbing around the equipment.

Limited to ages 8yrs + due to the nature of the activities.

Family Fun Night:

This is one of the best nights where families can come and play together utilising all the gym equipment, such an important part of family bonding in these busy times.

Competitive Classes:

Children are selected for these, if you feel your child has the natural ability and drive to be part of our Competitive squads please contact us.