Class Timetable

Term 2, Monday 29th April to Saturday 6th July

Dress code

Children are to bring socks and a water bottle each week. Clothing is either a leotard with shorts, or soft waisted shorts & tuckable T-shirt for classes (no crop tops). Jewellery to be removed before class (greenstones to be taped down if not removable), including bands/watches and loose earrings. Hair is to be tied back securely (boys and girls).

Family Fun Night

Every Friday evening 7.00 - 8.00pm. Each child with an accompanying adult $8.00

Gym Fun 5-7yrs and Beginners Rec 7-12yrs

These classes are an introduction, at beginner level, to all the various types of classes we have at MIGS. There are 3 levels in the Beginners skills programme. Children start at level 1 and as they achieved the skills these are checked off and they can achieve their certificates. Each level is a progression of the previous level. Children learn at different paces, some may find some levels easy to achieve, whereas others may find it more challenging.

Once Level 3 is completed, they have passed their Beginner levels and can choose which type of gym class they wish to pursue for the new term, whether it be Trampoline, Tumbling or Artistic Gymnastics.

Gymnastics Junior Girls

This class is for girls wanting to continue with Gymnastics. These skills continue from the beginner skills level but are gymnastics only from Level 4. Girls wishing to stay with gymnastics but need to finish their Level 3 can move into this class space permitting.

Gymnastics Junior Advance 

Levels 4-7. These levels are gymnastics focused so take longer to work through the skills programme.


Recreation tumbling classes offer a fast paced and active environment. These classes are structured based on skill level to best suit your children, ranging from beginner level 1 tumbling to advanced level 5+ classes. All classes have a variety of drills focused on building strength and coordination for tumble skills. Each week these progress to encourage learning of new skills. Tumbling focuses on learning floor skills ranging from forward rolls and cartwheels in beginner classes to flics and somersaults in advanced classes. Children will learn how to connect tumbling skills together demonstrating power, strength, control and coordination. Each week children need to bring a water bottle and socks. Also have long hair tied back and wear clothing appropriate for activity, jewellery and watches need to be removed before the class

Tiny Tumblers and Trampoliners

The tiny tumblers and trampoliners class offers a safe and exciting environment for early movement and coordination. The class is designed to introduce 4 to 6 year olds to tumbling and trampoline gymnastics, through fun and skill development. Your children will learn and apply the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics to trampoline and tumbling. Fundamental movement patterns include landing, spring, statics, locomotion, rotation, swing and manipulative skills. Each 1 hour session will include a tumbling circuit, trampoline circuit and double mini trampoline circuit. Children are to bring a water bottle and socks to each session. Also have long hair tied back and wear clothing appropriate for activity, jewellery and watches need to be removed before the classes.


Recreation trampoline classes are an introduction to trampoline gymnastics teaching the foundation of this sport. These classes cater to beginners new to trampoline and to children with experience. Children will learn coordination, body awareness and body control, also apply these concepts to learn new trampoline skills. All trampoline classes offer a progressive set of levels that are inclusive and encourage skill development. Because of this trampoline classes can cater to mixed skill levels. Along with learning trampoline skills these classes are a great way of building and improving fitness in a fun environment. Children are to bring a water bottle and socks to each session. Also have long hair tied back and wear clothing appropriate for activity (no domes or zips), jewellery and watches need to be removed before the classes.

Scallywags - Preschool Gymnastics:

Fun Learning and Bonding for You and Your Child. Nurture your child's development with Scallywags! Our playful classes offer a wonderful way for you and your little one to learn and grow together. 

Developmentally focused: Age-appropriate activities promote healthy physical and social development.
Parent-child bonding: Strengthen your connection through shared experiences and playful interaction.
Foundations for the future: Build a love of movement and learning that will last a lifetime.

Scallywags 1 (1-2 years old):
Help your toddler discover the joy of movement and build essential motor skills.
Participate actively in your child's learning, creating lasting memories.
Scallywags 2 (3-4 years old):
Watch your child build upon their early skills and gain confidence through gymnastics.
Support their growing independence and love of physical activity.

Let the fun begin!


MIGS guarantees a minimum og 9 weeks per term. If your child decides not to return or you chnage your mind within the first 3 weeks of a full term, we will refund the remaining balance of your fees, less a $20 administration fee.