Child Protection

All children and young people have the right to be involved in play, active recreation and sport in an environment that promotes their wellbeing and is safe. 

MIGS is committed to having a culture of safeguarding and child protection in place, to provide an environment where children and young people are protected from harm and abuse. We do this by having a full range of standards, codes and policies, as well as trained, safe people working with our children and young people. 

We will take every concern about a child or young person’s safety seriously and will respond appropriately. 

Please refer to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy as well as the Sports New Zealand and Safe Guarding Children New Zealand  for further information. 

Places to get Help 

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call: the Police on 111

Anyone who is worried about a child or young person can make a report of concern to Oranga Tamariki or the Police. You can contact Oranga Tamariki 0508 326 459  or email them Remember even if you are not sure you can still call and get advice.